Coaches can sometimes seem like they are on an island.  We’ve been there and are here to help. From helpful sport specific feedback to problem solving even the toughest situations our coaches are often just the support you need. The following services provide you a wide variety of options to fit your needs:

One-On-One Consulting

SCA Coaching specializes in personal one-on-one coaching for sports coaches. We will be happy to meet with you for an initial free no-obligation consultation and discuss your needs.

In-person, SKYPE or on the phone our coaches can help.  Coaches are under a tremendous amount of stress as they wear multiple hats throughout a season.  Even at home your family may not fully understand the pressure you feel to guide your team through a successful season.  Since we’ve been in the trenches ourselves we can relate.  Coaches helping other coaches in a safe, confidential environment is a method many coaches have used to maintain their mental and emotional health.  We can talk shop or explore healthy ways to take care of yourself. Coaching mentors have long been proven to keep good coaches in the game doing what they love and avoid burnout

Practice Evaluation

One of our most popular services. We have evaluated thousands of hours of practices and give you immediate feedback.  Even the best assistant coaches cannot observe everything. We provide analysis based on our observations and knowledge gained from hard earned experience.  Invite us to one or two of your practices and we’ll give you an honest evaluation that will improve your teaching and your athletes learning.

Game Film Analysis

So many of us wish this service was available when we were coaching.  We provide you insights often difficult to see when you are so close to the action.  How do other coaches see your team? What are your tendencies? What are your team’s strengths and vulnerabilities? In addition to the many hours you and your assistants spend watching film, use us to gain a new perspective. We love watching film and especially like providing coaches with a fresh viewpoint.

Sports Coaching Associates Coaching Fees…

  • Initial consultation: FREE
  • A one-off 2-hour session: $200 (price includes a customized action plan)
  • Season Package: 30 minutes per week for 12 weeks: $50 per session (Price includes weekly action plans)
  • Any follow-up consultations: $100 per session

Contact Us 

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